Culver School Board Adopts 2019 Budget

The Culver Community Schools Corporation’s 2019 budget was officially adopted by the school board Monday. The corporation is asking for a budget of just under $12.2 million, according to Treasurer Casey Howard.

She told board members that the corporation has seen an overall budget decrease of five percent since 2013. The state-funded General Fund took the biggest hit, going down by 22 percent, while funds supported by local tax revenues have seen a slight increase.

Meanwhile, Howard said the amount of state funding per student is expected to go up to roughly $5,200 in 2019, about $200 more than previous years. But she said the corporation expects its complexity grant to decrease by about $140 per student.

Howard also reviewed the three-year capital projects plan and the bus replacement plan for 2019 through 2031. It calls for the replacement of two to three buses a year.

Board members approved the 2019 budget, along with the annual tax neutrality resolution. Howard expects the budget to receive state approval in December, before it takes effect in January.