Culver Town Council Receives Update on Unsafe Structures

One unsafe structure in Culver is scheduled for demolition this week.

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist told the town council members last week that all utilities from 808 Obipso Street were removed and the permits were obtained for demolition of the structure. Jackson Services was the company approved to handle the demolition at a cost of $6,800. Town Attorney Jim Clevenger asked for specific parcel numbers so he can place a lien on the property to recoup demolition costs.

In a separate issue, Clevenger said the process to get to the bottom of the health and structural issues that plague the former City Tavern building at 415 Lakeshore Drive hit a minor snag. He said that papers could not be served to the defendant to give notice of court hearings. A resident agent listed as part of the now-defunct 27 Group, the owner of the property, can’t be delivered to the address given in Kosciusko County as the resident isn’t there.

The next step is to be served by publication in a newspaper once a week for three weeks and at the property. Due to the time frame in which it needs to be publicized and the rather heavy court schedule, the earliest court hearing for this process is Dec. 18.