Pulaski County EMS to Continue Researching Possible Ambulance Rental


Pulaski County Emergency Medical Services continues exploring ambulance options. The county commissioners had suggested leasing an ambulance, after they decided it wasn’t worth repairing the county’s oldest truck and with the purchase of a new one more than six months away.

EMS Director Bryan Corn told the commissioners last week that he contacted two companies, but only heard back from Arrow Manufacturing. He said Arrow has two ambulances available for rental. “I think one is like a 2011 that could be rented, and then the other one is like a 1998,” Corn explained. “Depending on the route, it’s anywhere from about $750 a month to $1,000 a month, and then there is an additional mileage cost. I think for the 2011, it would be a dollar a mile, and then for the older one it’s 75 cents, I believe.”

However, Corn thought the EMS department would be responsible for any maintenance costs. “So if this is kind of like a short-term stopgap, I see this working,,” he said, “just not a long-term thing because if we were to use this truck on a transfer or whatnot – kind of driving around the county would be bad enough – but now, if we’re using this truck and we’re going to Indianapolis to or three times, that’s going to eat into that mileage real quick, real fast.”

The commissioners asked Corn to research the mileage of the two available ambulances before they make any decisions. Corn said he’s working on the specifications for the purchase of a new ambulance next year, but he pointed out that Arrow also offers pre-built ambulances, which would be available sooner. Commissioner Mike McClure also suggested that Corn see if the county could lease one of the new ambulances for a year, before potentially taking ownership.