New Hamlet Water, Wastewater Operators Give Update to Town Council

Hamlet’s new utility workers are settling into their jobs. Water Operator Jason Cox told the town council Wednesday that he’s diving into the town’s water system. “For the most part, it’s a pretty simple system,” he said. “Everything seems to be, for the most part, operating pretty smoothly.”

His one concern was that chlorine levels seem a bit high, “So I’m kind of bumping that down a hair. It is pretty high, even compared to what the state kind of wants to have it at, so we’re idling that down slowly.” Meanwhile, Cox said he’s continuing to review and organize the Water Department’s records.

Meanwhile, Contracted Wastewater Operator Jason Clemons has noted a couple issues at the sewage plant, including a problem with the system that switches the electrical supply to the backup generator. “When we lose power, for whatever reason, the blower shuts down and don’t kick back on when the switch-over happens,” he explained. “So an electrician’s going to come check that out.”

Council members also agreed to let Clemons purchase needed lab supplies, at an estimated cost of about $590.