North Judson-San Pierre School Board Reviews New NEOLA Policies

The North Judson-San Pierre School Board held the first reading over a new set of NEOLA policies when they met last Tuesday.

Superintendent Annette Zupin mentioned that the majority of the revisions had to do with changing outdated language.

She said some wording had to be adjusted to include information about designated diplomas, heat-related medical training for coaches and metal detectors. They also had to insert the terms Operations Fund and Educational fund in the place of former accounts.

She mentioned a NEOLA policy that deals with reproductive human sexuality instruction and stated that the school corporation already has a procedure in place that deals with the matter.

She said when topics related to that subject are to be discussed parents are notified in advance, they have the chance to review the instructional material if they request it and they have the ability to opt out of the class.

The last thing that Dr. Zupin discussed was a new policy about dyslexia. She said schools will now screen for dyslexia and provide interventions. She said each school will be required to submit an annual report that is comprised of student statistics.

Dr. Zupin added that a dyslexia expert will need to be hired. She said since it will be a requirement for all schools, NJ-SP officials are coordinating with representatives at other schools and there’s a chance that one specialist might be shared by other local school corporations.

No action was required during last week’s meeting, but the policies will be up for additional consideration when the board meets next month.