Republicans Come up with Election Night Victories in Starke County

It was a big night for Starke County Republican candidates in the November General Election.

Republican Leslie Baker defeated Incumbent Democrat Nicholas Bourff for Starke County Prosecuting Attorney while Republican Bernadette Welter-Manuel defeated Incumbent Democrat Vicki Cooley for Circuit Court Clerk.

In other races, it was Republican Mandy Thomason over Democrat Rebekah Sponaugle Wagner for County Recorder, Republican Jack E. Rosa received the most votes for County Coroner over Incumbent Democrat Dannie Hoffer, Jr. and Republican Bryan Harold Cavender defeated Incumbent Democrat Don Binkley. In the County Council District 2 race, Republican Howard A. Bailey was the winner over Democrat Chuck Estok while in the County Council District 4 race it was Republican Tom A. DeCOLA receiving the most votes over Democrat Karen Tibbs.

Democrat Roger Chaffins, Sr. was the winner over Debra Wappel in the Railroad Township Trustee race. The three top vote-getters in the Railroad Township Board race were Joe Krzyzanowski, Bart D. Egolf, and Clayton (Clay) Redlin. Republican Josh Brown and Democrat John Rowe are the two winners in the North Judson Town Council At-Large seats. In the Oregon-Davis School Board District 1 race, Christopher W. Lawrence defeated Lee Nagai for that seat.

For a complete run-down on election results, visit this link.

About 46 percent of voters turned out at the polls to cast a ballot.

As for a delay in releasing election results, Election Board President Peg Brettin noted that there were a few issues at the polls with voting machines which trickled down to getting the vote totals out to the media watchers. She said they will work to make things smoother in the 2019 May Primary Election. Even with the issues experienced, she commended the workers for working through the election process.