Winamac Seeks New Contractor for Town Park Tennis/Pickleball Court Upgrades

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

Efforts to upgrade Winamac’s tennis and pickleball facility have come to a standstill. Back in July, the town’s park board approved a $7,000 quote from Leslie Coatings to resurface the Town Park’s tennis court, but stripe it for both tennis and two side-by-side pickleball courts.

However, Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo told the park board Thursday that the contractor wasn’t able to fit the work into its schedule this year. He asked board members whether he should try rescheduling the work for the spring with the same contractor or get prices from other companies.

Board member Brad Zellers advised him to look elsewhere. “We’ve given them opportunity,” Zellers said. “I think find someone else, myself.”

Board members generally agreed to let DeLorenzo contact companies and hire one, if the price is reasonable. But they would also like to see a completion date specified in the contract. Town Attorney Justin Schramm pointed out that the park board doesn’t need to formally solicit quotes, since it would be a service contract for repair and maintenance, not a public works project.

Meanwhile, Park Board President Courtney Poor again brought up the possibility of installing a removable net, to help switch between the tennis and pickleball configurations. Board member Jon Chapman didn’t think that was necessary, but asked that an actual net be installed, rather than a wire fence.

Chapman also offered to donate and apply a crack sealant to the existing pickleball courts. “I see there’s a product made, sold in five-gallon containers, to be able to go over to surfaces like ours where it’s cracking, that’s the same color or close to it, to at least keep water and freezing out,” Chapman explained. DeLorenzo saw no issues with Chapman’s plan, as long as temperatures are suitable.