Culver School Board Considering eLearning, Holiday Policy Revisions

The Culver School Board is reviewing the way staff members get paid for eLearning days. A revised eLearning policy was presented during last week’s board meeting, according to Superintendent Karen Shuman. “We’re making sure that we are fair to all types of district employees, when it comes to being paid on eLearning days or not being paid on eLearning days,” she explains.

It’s one of a list of policy updates that the school board is considering. Shuman says revisions are also being proposed for the corporation’s holiday policy, to bring it in line with the school calendar. On top of that, board members were presented with several proposed policies recommended by policy consultant NEOLA, to bring the corporation’s policies up-to-date with state and federal laws.

The policies will be up for final approval during the board’s next meeting.