Winamac Town Council Approves 2019 Salary Ordinance

The 2019 Salary Ordinance for the Town of Winamac was unanimously approved this week.

When the council met in a special session at the end of October, members approved a fifty cent raise across the board for all town employees. That increase was reflected in the ordinance that was presented to the council Monday night.

The Town’s holiday schedule for next year is included in the ordinance, along with information about the medical and life insurance policies that are available to full-time employees.

The ordinance also contains a section that deals with licensing and certification. That portion states that an employee is eligible to receive an additional twenty-five cents per hour for any certification they may hold as long as the certification relates directly to their department or area of employment.

Click the following link to view the Town of Winamac’s Salary Ordinance for 2019.