North Judson Town Council Reorganizes for the New Year

The North Judson Town Council reorganized when the met Monday evening.

Councilman John Rowe will replace Councilwoman Wendy Hoppe as the President and Councilman Josh Brown was selected to be the Vice President.

Members also addressed various appointments during their first meeting of the year.

The town’s building inspector is an appointed position. Since last year’s inspector, Jeff Abrams, is no longer eligible after moving out of town, members appointed Nick Radke to the position. 

Councilman James Young was appointed to serve on the Kankakee Iroquois Regional Planning Commission. He will be required to represent the town at various KIRPC meetings scheduled in January, May, July and October.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe told members he has been coordinating with other appointments who have reached the end of their terms to determine if they wish to continue.

He added that he will put out an advertisement about seats that still need to be filled. So far, he knows there are three open seats on the unsafe building authority so he will put out an ad for those positions.