Proposal for Document Scanning Services Considered by Culver Town Council

A proposal from WTH Technology for document scanning services was considered by Culver Town Council members last week.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist explained that the Town has a number of hard-copies of documents which are several decades old that are at risk of being lost due to their condition. 

In order to ensure that important information will be accessible for future generations, the proposal he shared with council members would permit WTH to scan 1,000 pages of existing maps and documents and upload them to a cloud-like data base. He noted that the cost listed in the proposal is $10,050.

Leist added that the price also covers the cost the software that would allow town employees to access the archived information through various devices and a one-time training charge to help staff get familiarized with the new system.

According to Leist, the services would be paid for through the various departments that would benefit from the scanning services the most. He said about 40 percent would come from the water department, 20 percent would come out of the street department and another 40 percent would come from the sewer department.

Leist shared that one advantage to utilizing this system is that the information from the uploaded documents could eventually be layered into a GIS map for an additional cost.

In a unanimous decision, council members permitted Leist to move forward with the proposal and authorized the money to come out of the three accounts mentioned above.

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