‘Save the Pulaski County Courthouse Group’ Offers Safety, Security Recommendations

As Pulaski County officials consider long-term facilities plans, the Save the Courthouse group has come up with some recommendations to address safety and security concerns in the meantime. A list of two proposed solutions was presented to the county council Monday. One involves locking all the doors except for one set, and creating a single point of entry staffed by an officer.

The group also recommends installing about 20 smoke detectors, to help improve fire safety. Members note that wireless models are available, which can be linked to each other so that all of them will sound at once. The proposal says the smoke detectors can be purchased for less than $900, but it offers no cost estimate or funding source for the security checkpoint.

Council President Jay Sullivan noted that some of the ideas have already been considered. “But it is an additional cost and sometimes an extreme additional cost,” he added. “We’d have to hire two or three people full-time in here, that’s a ton of bucks. If you want somebody in here full-time, then you’ve got to plan for when they want vacation time. You’re looking at two people full-time, regardless. But thank you for your time. Please work with the commissioners. I’m sure they’ll be receptive to it.”

Save the Courthouse group member Rebekah Erb told council members that whether the courthouse is ultimately demolished or not, the group feels these measures should be put in place immediately.