Security Updated at Starke County Annex Building

A single-point entry will now be featured at the Starke County Annex Building No. 1 in Knox.

Patrons needing to visit a department inside the building will be required to use the lower level entrance facing Pearl Street where a security checkpoint is located.  A resident will need to go through the body scanner-type metal detector exactly like the equipment used at the Starke County Courthouse.  A wand-type metal detector may also be used by a security officer stationed at the facility, if necessary.  Bags or purses may also be subject to a search.

The effort is a response to a heightened awareness of security needs at all government buildings as witnessed across the country. 

Those attending government meetings in the annex building for the last two months have also been greeted by the full-standing body scanner and a security guard to ensure the safety of those gathered at the public forums.