North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Department to Receive New Suits for Water and Ice Rescues

North Judson-Wayne Township Volunteer Firefighters will be receiving some specific gear for water and ice rescues.  

Fire Chief Joe Leszek informed council members on Monday that currently, firefighters are responding to all calls in their turn out gear so they’ve been checking into different options that would be more fitting for particular types of calls.

He noted, “We’ve been looking to purchase some rescue suits for a lot of the ditch and water rescues we have to do around here.”

Leszek told council members they had a chance to look at some different types of suits when a few of NJ’s firefighters joined up with members from the Kouts, Boone-Grove, Morgan Township and LaCrosse Fire Departments for a training exercise in January.

“Each department brought their suits to the training so we were able to check them all out” Chief Leszek continued, “We were actually able to participate in the training, get trained ourselves on the ice rescue.”

The Fire Chief asked council members for permission to spend $1,170 out of the Department’s equipment budget to buy two Survive Tech Ice Rescue Suits from Five Alarm Fire. The members unanimously granted him permission to purchase the suits.

Chief Leszek said now that they have some suits of their own on the way, the firefighters who attended the training in January will conduct their own class to share the skills they picked up with the rest of the Department.