Culver School Board Approves List of 2019 Capital Projects

The Culver School Board Monday approved a list of capital projects for the year. Superintendent Karen Shuman says that will include the switch to LED lighting throughout the school corporation’s buildings. That project was awarded to Trane last month.

“The next one is to purchase three condenser units to overhaul our HVAC, and that’s also been awarded to Trane, to investigate what’s the best process in getting that accomplished,” Shuman explains. “And then we are going to upgrade the entrance at the elementary to be a double-secure entry. That’s been awarded to New Age Construction.” The school corporation is also buying a new Kubota from New Holland Rochester for sidewalk snow plowing, replacing two older tractors.

Shuman says there are a few other projects that haven’t been awarded yet. “Some things that we have not put out for bid yet but are collecting bids on would be a transportation tower, upgrades on our staff restrooms at the high school, a water softener at the high school, bleacher repairs at the high school, air conditioning in the kitchen at the high school, and a new handicap-accessible entrance at the elementary.”

She says the school corporation is also planning to make some technology updates this year, including the replacement of two servers, some switches, and a battery backup system.