Knox Clerk-Treasurer Provides Lien Report to City Council

Knox City Council members were alerted that more $8,900 was collected for various sewer and mowing liens during the Clerk-Treasurer’s report at Tuesday night’s meeting.  

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston provided a little reminder about the lien process.

He noted, “We file these against your property and when you pay your property taxes, the lien comes off first before any money is applied to your property taxes.”

Houston explained that a total of $7,476.22 was due for sewer liens and 18 letters were mailed. There were apparently only 15 cases that were recorded and certified, resulting in the collection of $4,981.60 for sewer liens. That money will be put into the sewer operating fund.

He added that 4 mowing lien letters were also sent out. All of those cases were recorded and certified and a total of $1,438 was collected for mowing liens. Houston said that money will likely go into the general fund.