Knox Police Cracking Down on Cars Blocking Streets Near Elementary, Middle Schools

Yellow areas are where students are to be dropped off. Green areas are where traffic flow is expected. (graphic provided by Knox City Police Department)

Knox School officials are beginning to see some success with updated drop-off and pickup procedures. Previously, cars had been lining up on local roads around the elementary and middle schools. Knox City Police have asked elementary school parents not to arrive to pick up students before 2:20 p.m. Officers say any cars standing on Culver Road will be issued a ticket.

At Knox Middle School, police ask parents not to stop on Bower Street, since it prevents buses and emergency vehicles from getting through. Drivers entering the middle school’s drop off and pickup zone are asked to pull as far forward as possible, to allow the cars behind them to turn off of Bower Street. Anyone still in the road should pull into the SCILL Center parking lot across from the school and walk their child across the street. Parents are also encouraged to avoid driving south on Bower Street when leaving. Meanwhile, the east side of Main Street is limited to residential parking only, and police say that anyone else parking there will be given a ticket.

During Tuesday’s school board meeting, Elementary School Principal Michelle Tarnow said the new enforcement effort appeared to be working. She said School Resource Officer Travis Schieber noticed no cars parked along Culver Road that day.

Meanwhile, school officials are working on a longer-term solution to the traffic flow issues at Knox Middle School.