North Judson Officials Finalize Design Plans for Water Towers and Well Cover

North Judson Town Council members finalized design plans for the water towers when they met Monday night. 

As discussed in a previous meeting, members chose to go with a more detailed design on the east tank which is in town.

That tank will feature a bluejay graphic, ‘North Judson’ in cursive with cadet blue letters along with “Home of the Bluejays” in black block letters. That design will only be featured on the side facing the nearby intersection.

The west tank will also feature cadet blue, cursive lettering that says ‘North Judson’ and that will appear on two sides. That tower will not feature the bluejay graphic.

Since there were changes made to the colors and font and a graphic was added, officials were expecting there to be an additional charge of approximately $10,000. However, the changes only resulted in a net cost increase of $6,300.

CommonWealth Project Engineer Rob Bellucci noted that contingency funds exist within the project to cover the change order.

In addition to approving the change order for the water tower restoration project, members reached a decision about the decorative, rock-like cover that will be used for the well project at Norwayne Field.

Council members cast a unanimous vote to go with the smaller, 41’’ well cover with a field stone color scheme.