Pulaski County Commissioners Vote to Delay Highway Department’s Switch to Summer Schedule

The Pulaski County Highway Department will have to wait a bit longer to switch to its summer schedule. Each spring, the department typically goes to a work week of four ten-hour days.

Last week, Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff asked the county commissioners for permission to make the change on April 21, with the summer schedule remaining in effect until mid-October. Instead, they decided to limit the summer schedule to Memorial Day to Labor Day, at the recommendation of Commissioner Mike McClure. “That’s the full summer,” McClure said. “The schools are out of session, and there isn’t conflict with school buses and stuff. There would be light. That would give you the three summer months.” McClure also voiced concerns with the summer schedule last year, specifically, with the early start time.

Additionally, the commissioners agreed to let the Highway Department purchase a ditch bank mower from Bane-Welker Equipment. Ruff said the company submitted the lower of two bids at $11,750.

He also told the commissioners that the LaPorte County Highway Department has offered to purchase one of the county’s snow removal vehicles. “It’s actually a snow blower, I guess would be what you’d say, a giant one,” Ruff explained. “It’s made for in the mountains and airports.”

Ruff said his department has never actually used it on the road. Since it’s a former military vehicle, county officials said they needed more time to figure out the proper procedure for selling it.