Culver School Superintendent Reminds Taxpayers Where Referendum Money is Going

As residents of the Culver school district get their higher property tax bills, school officials are anticipating questions about where that extra money is going. Superintendent Karen Shuman says she discussed the school corporation’s referendum funds, during Monday’s school board meeting.

“We’re offering computer science classes next year, which is being paid for by the referendum,” she explains. “All the teacher raises that went into effect in January were due to the referendum. We have done some safety changes to our entrances, both at the high school and elementary, and part of that was funded by safety grants and what was not covered by safety grants was covered by referendum.” The referendum will also fund some parts of Culver Schools’ upcoming lighting project, according to Shuman.

Last November, voters agreed to let the school district raise property taxes by up to 17 cents per $100 of assessed valuation for an eight-year period.