Eastern Pulaski School Board Approves Multiple Donations, Including One Made in Memory of Owen Abbott

Eastern Pulaski Superintendent Dan Foster and school board members expressed gratitude to the Oregon-Davis School Corporation Monday night for a donation they provided in memory of Middle School student Owen Abbott.

Foster explained, “They sent us $222.91. I did speak with Owen’s mother and asked if she had any particular thoughts and she basically said to use it for middle school football.”

Foster added that school officials are thankful to everyone who reached out to offer their condolences and support after Owen passed away as a result of a bus accident on U.S. 31 last December.

The monetary contribution from Oregon-Davis wasn’t the only donation that was up for board approval this week.

Foster told board members that the building company IMI provided the school corporation with a few installations free of charge.

He stated, “Over by the tennis courts, where we paved that new area, the electrical poles that are there, IMI donated a couple of those concrete, three-feet high, barriers. We called them and said, hey, we need to buy a couple and they were like we’ll just bring them over so they brought them over and set them for us.”

In addition to authorizing those donations to be accepted, school board members also approved a $20,400 Grant donation from the Pulaski Alliance for Community Education (PACE). Superintendent Foster noted that the elementary school has coordinated with this organization over the last several years.