Annual Radiothon Raises Thousands of Dollars for Starke County Youth Club

The 12th annual Starke County Youth Club Radiothon brought in thousands of dollars for the organization’s programs. Almost $40,000 had been raised, as of Friday afternoon.

Wrapping up the six-hour broadcast, Executive Director Irene Szakonyi noted that Youth Club is a special and powerful place. “It’s a place that’s filled with love and stability and acceptance for young people, and it’s remarkably effective at helping kids do better in school and make healthier choices, whether those choices are physical or emotional,” she told listeners. “Thank you to everybody listening. Thank you to those who have made your pledge. You are my heroes.”

Over the course of the day Friday, listeners heard about the impact of the Starke County Youth Club from students and their families, as well as local educators and community leaders. Donations continue to be accepted at