Culver Beach Lodge Project to Begin Monday

The long-awaited Culver Beach Lodge renovation project begins Monday.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist told the Culver Town Council members this week that crews from Michiana Contracting moves in equipment on Monday, June 3.

“They’ll put up a temporary fence around the north side of the building for safety.  In the next couple of weeks, we’ll close that section of the trail in front of the Beach Lodge while they’re working there on the addition where the elevator and stairs will go.  We’ll reroute the trail through the north end of the parking lot.  We’ll still have a dedicated section through there so we’ll lose some parking,” explained Leist.

Portions of the south side of the parking lot at the Beach Lodge will be used for staging equipment as well as the water tower area.

The workers anticipate keeping the area as accessible as possible through August. 

Leist stressed that the main level of the Culver Beach Lodge will be closed to the public beginning June 17 until the end of March in 2020. 

Leist commented it’s not the most ideal time to do the project as it would be better suited to start in August, but due to the timing of grant funding from OCRA the project needs to be complete by March of 2020.