Hamlet Zoning Board Addresses Issues at 503 South Starke Street

The Hamlet Zoning Board has given the owner of 503 South Starke Street until June 12 to bring the property into compliance with the town’s unsafe structure ordinance. During last week’s meeting, it was revealed that the water and sewer lines hadn’t been hooked up. There were also concerns with an open trench that had apparently been dug next to the sidewalk.

Board President Dave Kesvormas expressed some frustration with the lack of regular updates from the property owner. “I’m kind of at a thing, I want to help you on one end of this, but this has kind of gone on and on and on,” he said. “I mean, had you come before this time and said, ‘Guys, I need a little bit more time,’ and it just didn’t keep creeping up on us, I’d have a little bit more leeway to go with this, you know?”

The owner noted that the sewer and water connections are typically the last thing he finishes when working on a house. He said he had the materials to complete the sewer connection, but he didn’t have the pit, adapter, or shutoff valve to hook up the water. Town officials said they had a pit in stock, and they felt they could work out a payment plan with the property owner for the installation.

With those issues taken care of, the zoning board felt the owner would have plenty of time to complete the installation before the board’s next meeting.