Knox Board of Works Affirms Order to Demolish Garage on Bender Street

With a vote of 2-1, Knox Board of Works members voted to stand by an order to demolish that was issued for a dilapidated garage on Bender Street.

Director of Building Code Compliance Kenny Pfost originally issued an order to demolish on Thursday, April 18th.

When members met for their May meeting, they held a public hearing over the structure to see if members wished to affirm, modify or rescind the order. Director Pfost shared his recommendation with board members.

He noted, “The roof is collapsed, the windows are out of it, the walls are pushed outward. My suggestion would be that it still be demolished. I don’t think it’s worth repairing at this point.”

The property owner, Lucia Valladares, provided the board members with some information to support her case that the structure doesn’t have to come down.

She shared an engineering report that was conducted by Keller Engineering. According to their report, they found that the structure was viable and that it could be repaired. She also provided them with a quote to have the work done which amounted to $5,629.37.

Valladares mentioned that the cost to repair is half of what it would cost to demolish the structure and rebuild. She also noted that contractors said they could have the work completed in about 2 weeks.

She asked the members to consider that information and requested that the order to demolish be rescinded.

Board member Steve Dodge proposed amending the order to give Valladares until the next meeting to have the garage fixed.

However, Mayor Dennis Estok said he didn’t want to give her a month to get the structure repaired and then run the risk of having her ask for another extension if the circumstances change.

He noted that the structure is very unsafe and mentioned that he was wary that the job could be done for the cost she mentioned.

He made a motion to affirm Director Pfost’s order to demolish. The motion passed, with Mayor Estok and Board member Jim Collins approving it and Board member Dodge providing the lone opposing vote. 

Valladares indicated that she will be taking the necessary steps to appeal the decision.