NJ Town Council Approves Public Nuisance Ordinance

An ordinance that will help keep the Town of North Judson looking nice and tidy was approved Monday night.

An ordinance regulating public nuisances on private property was presented to members for consideration. Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe read a portion of the ordinance into the record.

Rowe read, “Whereas the incorporated Town of North Judson, Indiana, in the interested of protecting public safety, health and welfare, as well as for the purpose of enhancing the environment for residents of the Town, it is desirous of making it unlawful for property owners and occupants to allow an environmental public nuisance to exist…”

Members voted unanimously to adopt the new policy. Though it was approved Monday night, the ordinance will not officially go into effect until 30 days after a notice is published.

To view the approved document, click the following link: NJ Ordinance Regulating Public Nuisances on Private Property.