NJPD Plans Event to Teach Kids Bike Safety & Assist With Repairs

To help prepare the community’s kids for a safe summertime, the North Judson Police Department will be hosting a Bike Safety & Build-a-Bike Workshop this Saturday.

Town Marshal Kelly Fisher shared some information about the event when Town Council members met last week.

She explained, “That will be on May 18th at 9 a.m. at the police garage behind the police station. We’ll have a course set up to go through some safety instruction for the young bike riders.”

She noted that officers will also be prepared to help fix broken bikes.

In addition to providing the safety course and the repairs, the department will be offering some donated bicycles to kids who currently don’t have one. They’re still collecting donations so if you have an unused bike that you’d like to pass on to a child in need, get in touch with Marshal Fisher.

Spaces for this event are limited contact the Police Department today to RSVP. You can reach NJPD officials through their Facebook page or call Marshal Fisher directly at 574-806-5907.