Winamac Town Park Cleanup Day Canceled Due to Flooding Concerns

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

Flooding concerns have led to the cancellation of tomorrow’s Winamac Town Park cleanup day. Park Board President Chris Schramm made the announcement during Thursday’s board meeting.

He pointed out that the event had been drawing a lot of interest. “I had a lot of people ask me what time,” Schramm said. “I know there was stuff at the school. Kids had stuff posted, and a lot of kids asked me what time it was. We were going to get a lot of help. I hated to have it flood like that.”

One of the major goals of this year’s cleanup event was to plant several trees, to replace some of the ash trees that have been removed in recent years. Board Member Jon Chapman said that Proscapes Unlimited will probably be able to take care of that, once the river goes back down.

As of Thursday’s board meeting, Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo was still hoping that Little League Opening Day would be able to go on as scheduled, but he said he’d have to restrict access to much of the park. The Tippecanoe River reached minor flood stage at Winamac Thursday and is expected to crest over the weekend.