Culver Town Council Members Revisit Discussion on Proposed Donated Property

The property at 530 S. Ohio Street is back to a status of being a donated piece of property to the Town of Culver. 

The Culver Town Council members accepted the donation of the property at an April meeting, but it was rescinded after a potential buyer looked into the property.  The council members learned last week that the sale fell through and it was back on the table for a donation to the town.

Council President Ginny Bess Munroe previously stated that in order to receive the donation the town would have to pay the closing and appraisal costs in an amount not to exceed $12,500.

The property appraised at $245,000.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist explained last week that he asked for a written copy of the inspection report before the council members move forward with acceptance of the property.  Roof and HVAC issues, and some inoperable kitchen equipment were just a few items reportedly identified in the inspection process.

A motion was approved to move forward with reviewing a purchase agreement outlining the town’s responsibility in the transaction contingent upon receipt of a copy of a written inspection report that’s acceptable to the council.  The motion was approved with a unanimous vote. 

In a previous discussion, the town could use that space for a number of different things such as a start-up business, new Town Hall building, or a community center.  There are a number of opportunities that haven’t been approved, but will be discussed if the purchase agreement is finalized.