Eastern Pulaski School Board Finalizes Scholarship Arrangements, List of Food Service Suppliers

The Eastern Pulaski School Board has finalized arrangements for this year’s School Board Scholarship. Alyssa Cornwell was chosen as this year’s scholarship recipient, according to outgoing Superintendent Dan Foster.

“The School Board Scholarship is randomly drawn each year at the graduation, so that’s kind of a neat, unusual way to do it,” Foster says. “All the names that are qualified get put in a jar, and you just draw out the name. And then at the June meeting, they select the alternates, and the alternates drawn were Laiyn Stevens and Cheyenne Hurlburt.”

In other business last week, Foster says the school board ratified the list of food service suppliers chosen by the Northern Indiana Educational Services Center for the coming school year. “Food, supplies, and commodities was HPS [Hospital Purchasing Services], and they’re going to use Gordon Food Service (GFS) as their distributor,” Foster says. “Dairy is going to Prairie Farms; produce, Piazza Produce; and bakery is Aunt Milley’s.”

The Eastern Pulaski School Board also gave its permission to close a dormant bank account, and a homeless student policy was presented for first reading.