Knox City Council Denies Tax Abatement Request

The Knox City Council denied a tax abatement request that came before them Tuesday evening.

Mayor Dennis Estok explained that Selected Furniture has requested tax abatement in the past but they were denied due to outstanding personal and real taxes.

He added that the company didn’t complete the necessary paperwork fully.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston noted that the company representatives were also supposed to turn in a copy of the request to him but they only provided it to the County Assessor’s office.

In order to keep the council informed and to show justification for the denial, Houston shared how much the company currently owes.

He said a total of $29,391.80 of real property taxes are owed and $17,219.75 is owed for personal property taxes.  

Councilman Jeff Berg asked if there’s any other action the City should take. Clerk-Treasurer Houston responded the city council is required to pass a resolution documenting the denial and added that he’ll also be sending a letter.

Members voted unanimously to pass the resolution denying the abatement.