NJ-SP High School Memorial Dedication to be Held in Conjunction with Fireman’s Fish Fry

Blue-Jays who may have flown the coop and those who have stayed nested in the area will be cruising around North Judson on Saturday during the NJ-SP High School Memorial Cruise.

According to Memorial Committee Chair Marshall Field, the route will follow the same downtown circuit that students traveled “back in the day”. Signage will be posted to point out the landmarks of past eras.

Registration will start at 5:30 p.m. in the NAPA parking lot. Drivers will take off around 6 p.m. A map of the route appears below:

The cruise will end at the site of the NJ-SP High School Memorial.

The monument was modeled off the entrance of the original high school building. The dedication ceremony will be held once the cruise concludes and will kick-off around 7 p.m. A portion of Keller Avenue will be closed off during the event.

If there is inclement weather, the dedication ceremony will be held in the North Judson-Wayne Township Firehouse.

WKVI’s Charlie Adams is scheduled to emcee the event and alumnus Reverend Garry Wickert will provide an invocation. The festivities will also include the opening of the time capsule that was placed in the cornerstone in 1921.

The ceremony is being held the same evening as the Fire Department’s annual Fish Fry Dinner.

Participants are encouraged to grab a bite to eat after the cruise and dedication ceremony. The dinner will run from 4:30 p.m. until they sell out of fish.