North Judson Town Marshal Deems Clean-Up Days a Success

A town-wide clean-up effort that took place in North Judson over the weekend garnered great results, according to Town Marshal Kelly Fisher.

She shared, “We had 65 tires, 32 couches, 45 TVs, 58 gallons of paint, several appliances and so forth.”

Marshal Fisher said in the weeks leading up to the clean-up weekend, she and Code Enforcement Officer Kerry Rust patrolled the town and visited properties that seemed like they could benefit from having access to the dumpsters.

She said Officer Rust and Officer Frank Thomas also went around the days of the clean-up and reminded residents where they could bring their belongings.

During her report at Monday night’s town council meeting, Marshal Fisher said they initially planned to only have three of the 30 yard dumpsters. However, so many people participated that they had to bring in two extras.

She noted that the business that provided the service, Fisher Auction Salvage Company, allowed the Town to have the additional dumpsters for a reduced price.

Overall, the cost for all five dumpsters as well as the professional assistance that was provided the day of the events came to $2,550. Marshal Fisher submitted that purchase order for council consideration and it received unanimous approval.

Fisher commented that the company was a very helpful resource, “The dumpster company had a guy on site there continuously, to up help unload and making sure that people were from Town.”

She continued, “You would never know that all that stuff was there. The dumpster company kept it clean.”

Marshal Fisher said she appreciated everyone who took advantage of the opportunity and noted that due to this year’s success, they’ll likely host similar events in the future.