Starke County Highway Superintendent to Address Concerns with INDOT

Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler highlighted some concerns to the county commissioners that he hopes to address with INDOT officials.

One issue is mowing around the Koontz Lake dam and fishing area.

“We are not responsible for that, the State is.  We’re going to make sure they get to that this week or next week or allow us to do it.  It is a danger.  We’ll do it if they allow us to do it, but we prefer them to do it,” said Ritzler. 

Mowing could be done at the site by June 17, if not sooner. 

Ritzler added that he wants to be sure to handle local issues as soon as possible as it takes a while for INDOT to respond.  He made examples of road hazards, stop signs, mowing, and other maintenance issues.  He’d like to coordinate with the State and make sure that there is reimbursement to the county and liability for his workers addressing immediate issues.

In another topic, Ritzler said there are many residents at Bass Lake who don’t like the fact that a state road goes around the lake.

“INDOT did create some plans about 15 years ago to realign State Road 10 away from the lake and make that 210 all the way around the lake.  I saw those plans and we’re trying to find those plans.  Some people want us to lobby to get INDOT to do that.” 

One final item Ritzler will talk to INDOT about is making the stretch of road on U.S. 35 and 500 S. a no passing zone. 

Commissioner Bryan Cavendar is expected to go with Ritzler to a meeting with INDOT soon to discuss these issues.