West Central School Board Looks Ahead to 2020 Budget

The West Central School Board members took time last week to look ahead at what to expect when it comes to the 2020 budget.

Superintendent Don Street said they will be keeping an eye on House Bill 1003 which involves the school corporation expenditure targets.  He said this could have an increase on the tax rate in the Operations Fund.

“With the state requiring, or encouraging, just 15 percent to be transferred that will increase our tax rate at West Central and for many schools across the state.  That will increase the Operations Fund,” said Street.

Street said the school board is also watching how House Bill 1001, which is the state budget, will affect teacher retirement.  It calls for a decrease the amount of retirement that is required to be paid in for teachers at the school level.

“Currently, it’s 7.5 percent and that will decrease to 5.5 percent starting on July 1 of this year.”

The school board will be developing the 2020 budget in the next couple of months.