West Central School Board Reviews Recommended Changes for Student Handbooks

The West Central School Board members recently reviewed recommended changes to the student handbooks for elementary, middle and high school students.

Superintendent Don Street said quite a few updates were recommended for the elementary school.  Grading changes are proposed for first and fourth grade students.

“First grade will get letter grades in addition to standards-based grades and fourth grade adds penmanship as a grade with an ‘S’ ‘N’ or ‘U’, said Street.  

In an effort to improve parent communication, student assignment books and student folders will be used as way to bridge that gap. 

Street mentioned that a change was recommended for bus stop procedures for kindergarten students.

“All kindergarten students must be met at the bus stop by a parent, guardian or older sibling to pick up students.  This is a protection for those young children to make sure that someone is home and they are properly supervised.”

Dress code revisions were included in the middle school and high school handbooks.  Something must be worn underneath pants that expose skin above the knee.  Skirts and shorts must also meet a length requirement. 

Violations of the cell phone policy are also addressed in the updated handbooks. 

The school board members approved the revisions and additions as presented.