Hamlet Zoning Board President Believes 503 S. Starke Street is Structurally Sound

The Hamlet Zoning Board has found the house at 503 South Starke Street to be structurally sound. President Dave Kesvormas told the rest of the board Tuesday that he visited the site after the previous town council meeting.

“The structure seems solid to me, other than he has a couple holes in the outside of it, one broken window, one hole underneath it, which that one was the one you said you needed for access to put the electrical in,” Kesvormas said. “And then he’s got a couple holes on the side with some panels that are ajar, and that’s still to put the electrical in.”

Owner Robert Foust told board members that he hopes to have the wiring done by next weekend. Kesvormas asked him to give an update at the zoning board’s next meeting on August 14.

Kesvormas added that there were also a few improvements that Foust has been considering, such as a new porch and possibly a garage, but he clarified that no decision has been made by the zoning board yet. He also said Foust will be charged almost $1,065 for water equipment installed by the town.