Knox Officials Discuss 2019 Family Fun Day and Fireworks Display

Knox officials held a discussion over this year’s Family Fun Day and Fireworks Display during Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

Mayor Estok took time during his report to recognize the individuals who helped make the day possible.

He noted, “I personally want to thank all the volunteers for the Fun Day in the park so I want to thank all of you guys for helping out because even though we had a little rain, it still worked out great, we had a lot of people in there.”

Estok also extended his gratitude to all the sponsors, noting that is was a tremendous year for sponsorships.

During council items, Councilwoman Bertha Blue noted that she felt there was a good turnout for the parade that preceded the events at the park.

Blue shared, “I want to thank you Mayor for the parade, and all people that participated in it. I know at our council meeting last time, you were a little leery that there weren’t going to be many people in it and it was fantastic.”

She did make a comment about how there was some inconsistency with the pacing throughout the parade, but other than that, Blue said it looked like it went well.

Estok said that was something he noticed as well and mentioned that there was another snafu with the fireworks later in the evening.  

He explained, “The guy has been doing it for us forever and I talked to him that day and he said he knew the routine. I said as soon as you hear the National Anthem is over with you start shooting, next thing you know we’re sitting there and all of a sudden ‘Boom, Boom Boom!’ so it got messed up.”

The mayor said a follow-up meeting will be held in the near future while the event is fresh in everyone’s minds so officials can plan ahead to avoid similar issues at future events.