North Judson Looking to Resurface Four Roads with Community Crossings Funds

The Town of North Judson is hoping to resurface four roads, with the next round of Community Crossings funding. That preliminary list includes George Street from Vine to State Road 10, Garden Street from State Road 39 to Luken, Liberty Street, and Hubeny Street, according to Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe.

“This year, Fleis & VandenBrink did what’s called a PASER rating, so they go through and they study the roads and they give it a grade,” Rowe explains, “and these four were identified as four of the worst roads in need of resurfacing in town.” Rowe says that while that’s fewer roads than last year’s application, the actual amount of pavement will end up being about the same.

He adds that the town is planning for an estimated $135,000 worth of paving projects. If the grant is approved, the town’s 25-percent share of the cost would be just under $34,000, which would come out of the Motor Vehicle Highway and Local Roads and Streets funds.

Last week, the town council approved a pair of documents related to the Community Crossings application. In addition to the funding commitment letter, Rowe says council members also signed off on Title VI assurances. “As a condition of receiving federal financial assistance, from the DOT and the Federal Highway, we assure them, basically, that we comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act,” he explains. “We have those policies in place already, but to formulate, in a sense, that it’s official, on our books and that it’s passed by the council, to maintain compliance with all regulations, nondiscrimination, solicitations and contracts, procurements, materials. It covers all that kind of stuff.”

Similarly, the town also has to have an ADA transition plan, but Rowe says it already has one on file.