O.D. School Board Prepares for New Year by Approving Recommendations

The Oregon-Davis School Board took action on their transfer student policy when members met Monday evening.

Superintendent Dr. Don Harman stated that the recommended policy will reflect the corporation’s desire to grow in the coming school year.

Dr. Harman explained, “So everybody knows, this is a yearly recommendation that I make to the board and really my recommendation is that we have no limit. Obviously, we want enrollment to increase.”

He noted that often times, schools will set a limit if they fear too many transfers could impact staffing. However, Harman’s recommendation, as well as the board’s approval, indicated that wasn’t a concern for O.D.

In addition to accepting the recommended transfer student policy, the 2020 budget schedule also received board approval.

Dr. Harman said Treasurer Nikki Salazar assisted him with the calendar. He told members it’s meant to guide them through the next few months to ensure all documents and plans are publicized and shared with the community by the state-mandated deadlines.

Before casting her vote, board member Brandie Ecker requested that hard copies of the proposed budget should be available for people to reference during public hearing that’s scheduled for September 9th.

Superintendent Harman said that could be arranged and added that the budget documentation will also be posted in the paper and will be available on the school website prior to the hearing. He added that it could also be included in a future Bobcat Blast.