Ongoing Radio Issues in North Judson Set for Repairs

The North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Department has experienced issues with their radio communications and repairs to the equipment are anticipated soon.

Matthew Noonan from the Starke County Communications Committee explained to the Starke County Commissioners last week that the problem was found at the site and wasn’t an issue with the radios as initially thought.  He said through testing he found that voter was disenabled and the transmitter wasn’t working.  Officials from J&K Communications were contacted and they were able to gain remote access and enable everything.  It was working, but further testing found it to be inoperable.

Noonan explained that during the tower maintenance project in North Judson, where the fire department’s radio equipment is placed, the cables were found to be damaged.  The equipment was not moved from the site during the project, because of cost.

The commissioners did approve a quote for $2,005 to repair the cables which will be presented as an additional appropriation for the council to approve. 

In addition, the air conditioning unit was also found not to be working to help cool the equipment to a preferable operation temperature.  Arctic Air made necessary repairs for just over $100 as an emergency expense. 

On top of that, the service contract with J&K Communications, the only company that Noonan said can service the radios that all the fire departments use, expired June 30.  Noonan presented a one-year service agreement contract for the commissioners to review in the amount of $42,000.  The contract will be discussed by the Starke County Council along with the commissioners on Monday, July 15.