Oregon-Davis School Board Approves Instructional Fees for 2019-2020

Oregon-Davis families can expect to save some money on instructional expenses in the coming school year.

When the O-D school board Monday night Superintendent Dr. Don Harman told members and meeting attendees why some of the instructional fees will be less expensive for 2019-2020.   

Harman said, “The fees at the elementary school did decrease due to the reading textbook at each grade level that was being paid for had been paid. […] We can’t charge for a series once it’s paid for.”

He continued, “Then at the high school level, obviously we have some classes that may have decreased and that was because certain textbooks were paid off.”

Dr. Harman added that Elementary School officials are planning to adopt a reading series in the coming school year.

He explained that means there is a chance an increase will be seen at that for those grade levels in the 2020-2021 school year. However, for the coming school year, the prices have gone down.  

School board members voted to approve the fees as presented.

The specific prices for grades k-12 are included below:

K – $77.00
1st – $76.50
2nd – $77.00
3rd – $79.75
4th – $80.25
5th – $80.25
6th – $80.25
7th – $139.50
8th – $143.50
9th – $161.75
10th – $158.50
11th – $105.50
12th – $124.50