Starke County EMS Director to Get Updated Vehicle

A newer vehicle will be a part of the Starke County EMS fleet as a non-ALS transport vehicle.

EMS Director Travis Clary said the newer vehicle would be able to handle all of the equipment needed with more ease. 

Clary presented the commissioners with a quote Monday night for a 2013 Ford Explorer with 80,000 miles and all-wheel drive at a purchase price of $11,000.  A $3,000 trade-in value was quoted for the current 2011 Dodge Charger used as the non-ALS transport vehicle.

The vehicle would come from Chicago Motors, a company that sells pre-owned government discounted vehicles and that has been used by other county officials to purchase vehicles.    

Clary said the best part of the deal is that enough grant money has been obtained for the purchase of the vehicle with no additional funding needed.  Grant funds were obtained through Starke United and the Starke County Community Foundation from the Hardesty Memorial for this purchase. 

Auditor Rachel Oesterreich asked about the IT vehicle and Emergency Management Agency vehicle, both of which are in much more worse condition than Clary’s vehicle he’s trading in.  With the trade-in value, they could trade-in the IT vehicle or Emergency Management Agency vehicle and the commissioners would pay the difference.  The IT or Emergency Management Agency department would then use the 2011 Dodge Charger.

Commissioner Bryan Cavendar made a motion to approve the purchase of the EMS vehicle with the grant money and then pay the difference of the trade-in value of the IT or Emergency Management Agency vehicle out of the Cumulative Capital Development Fund.