Hearings Held over Knox Teachers’ Collective Bargaining Agreement and Superintendent’s Contract

In addition to the regularly scheduled Knox School Board meeting, two public hearings were hosted in the school’s board room Tuesday evening.

The first hearing occurred prior to the start of the regular meeting and was held to gather feedback about teachers’ salaries and benefits and the collective bargaining process.

As previously reported, there was some legislation passed recently that now requires a hearing to be held prior to the negotiation process and ratification of the contract.

High School Science Teacher Travis Flora served as the representative for the Knox Federation of Teachers and Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart represented the administration. The hearing was extremely brief, as no public comments were provided.

An additional hearing will need to be held by October 1st, following the tentative agreement with the KFT.

The second hearing was held during the regular meeting was related to Superintendent Reichhart’s contract of employment. No comments were provided by the board or meeting attendees. Dr. Reichhart mentioned that his contract will come before the board for approval during a future meeting.

If you have any questions about either contact or the collective bargaining process, call the Knox Schools Administration office at 574-772-1600.