Commissioners Continue Discussion on Knox Moose Family Center Building

The Starke County Commissioners continued a discussion of the potential acquisition of the Knox Moose Family Center building in downtown Knox.

The Starke County Council members, in a joint meeting with the commissioners, agreed in July to get two appraisals on the building to see what it is worth.  They approved funding not to exceed $1,000 per appraisal.    

Last week, Commissioner Bryan Cavendar said they don’t have appraisals yet because they will cost $3,800 per appraisal to conduct.

The purchase price of the building is listed at $119,000, but the price could come down to about $80,000.  However, the roof would need to be replaced at a cost of $51,000. 

It was during that July meeting when government leaders discussed uses for the building, including storage and office space.  A recommendation was made to tear down the building to create more parking for the courthouse.

Commission President Charlie Chesak said he’s worried about spending all of that money to make all of the necessary repairs.  Commissioner Kathy Norem agreed. 

Discussion will continue during the next meeting on Monday, Aug. 19.