Starke County EMS Requests Funds for Fuel, Maintenance

The Starke County Council members considered a request from the EMS department to transfer funds to cover fuel and maintenance costs.

Starke County EMS Director Travis Clary said the budget for fuel is exhausted.  It’s been a busy year with the transfer unit and there were no funds added to the fuel line item when that transfer unit was put into operations.  Transfers are up this year and about $15,000 is needed for now to help that line item in the budget. 

In the meantime, Clary asked for $2,500 to be put into maintenance to help with building repair costs through the rest of the year. 

Council President Dave Pearman suggested taking all of that money out of the part-time line item and transfer all of the requested funds to the necessary line items.  Pearman said that they’ll keep an eye on it in September and October to see where all funds stand. 

The council approved the requests with a unanimous vote.