West Central Superintendent Applies for Safety Grant

West Central School Superintendent Dan Zylstra recently applied for a school safety grant in the amount up to $100,000. 

If awarded, some of the money will be used to do some updates at the elementary school.

“We’re going to be using that safety grant money to get some new doors and locks at the elementary school,” explained Zylstra.  “Those classroom doors are original to the building.  The locks are pretty worn out, beat up, and don’t always work correctly with the keys.” 

Zylstra says the other issue is all of the doors are keyed the same.   School officials would like to secure different parts of the building and the grant funds can help accomplish that.

Another portion of the money will be used for security cameras.

“Now that we’ve had those cameras for a couple of years we’ve discovered certain spots where we’d like to have a little more coverage.”

The school would be responsible to match that grant with whatever amount is awarded.  Zylstra noted that this grant could help offset capital projects in the budget. Zylstra will notify the school board when he receives an announcement on whether or not the grant application was successful.