NJ Town Attorney Talks with Attorney General’s Office about Ordinance Complaint

A recent conversation that North Judson Town Attorney Justin Schramm had with a representative of the Indiana Attorney General’s Office was highlighted during the council’s first meeting of the month.

He told the council, “I think that [Town Marshal] Kelly [Fisher] and [Ordinance Officer] Kerry [Rust] are doing a really good job with the ordinance citations, I just want to make it a point to say that when you’re making your citations you want to make sure you’re citing the correct ordinances.”

Schramm continued, “I got a call from the Attorney General’s Office down in Indianapolis, well not a call. [Clerk-Treasurer] Andrew [Rowe] got an inquiry about it so I called down and talked to them.”

He explained that he was asked to provide copies of a few of the town’s ordinances because a complaint had been levied.

The Deputy Attorney General he spoke with wasn’t able to divulge anything about the individual who filed the complaint but Schramm said they asked for copies of the Town’s nuisance ordinance and codes specifically related to sidewalks, towing and parked cars.   

Schramm stated that no problems with past citations have been identified thus far but he just wants Marshal Fisher and Ordinance Officer Rust to be sure the correct ordinances continue to be listed on citations in the future.

On a similar note, Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe mentioned that he will be looking into what it would cost to review and revamp the town’s codes and ordinances since they haven’t had a thorough update since about 2007.