Winamac Town Council Discusses Swinging Bridge Complaints with Town Marshal

Jumping from the swinging bridge in Pulaski County is a finable offense that local law enforcement officials are on the look out for.

After Winamac Town Marshal Mark Hoffman provided his report to council members Monday evening, Council President Tom Murray informed him that he’s heard several complaints about people jumping and diving off the swinging bridge.

Murray explained, “I know we have an ordinance, I think it’s a $50 fine, I think we ought to start enforcing it and writing tickets.”

Hoffman said the department has responded to multiple calls about it and officials mentioned that signs prohibiting those actions are also posted in the area.

Murray noted that if the individuals are from outside of the community, it may be more difficult to collect the fine but still recommended enforcing the fee more adamantly. The rest of the council members were in agreement and Marshal Hoffman indicated that he would pass the word along to other members of Winamac PD.