Winamac Town Manager Discusses Sidewalk Program and Potential Project with Council

The Town of Winamac will be kicking off their annual sidewalk repair program soon.

During his report Monday night, Town Manager Brad Zellers informed town council members of his plan to get that program going and said it could be as soon as next month.

He explained, “The sidewalk program, I’m going to get that going, hopefully in September. We’ve had several people ask about it

Zellers noted that they typically allot $10,000 for the program and it is incorporated into the Town’s budget.

He mentioned that they also have some money in the budget set aside for Town sidewalks and curbs and shared a potential project that money could be used for.

 “You know the area, the Veteran’s Memorial Park on the north side where it’s got that approach […] on Washington Street? I’d like to take that approach out and take the sidewalk down to where the gravel entrance is and put curbing and grass between a new sidewalk and that.”

He continued, “We’ve got enough in the budget to pretty easily take care of that and not have to use much of it at all.”

Zellers added that he felt it would make the area look better and Councilwoman Judy Heater agreed. She also noted that was something they had talked about doing the past.